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Videobold 2.0 Agency Reseller Site

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First off we'd just like welcome you to the Video Bold Tribe, we appreciate having you as a customers!

Now that you are the proud owner of a stunning collection of Macro Style Videos we'd like to show you how you can turn this into a income pumping business TODAY!

In order to sell these amazing videos you need to find a way to display them along with your sales message for potential clients to see.

We recognize that this is a major roadblock for most marketers to getting started so we decided to make it as easy for you as possible.

No longer will you need to slug away building a website, mess with confusing plugins or write hours of content.

There is a better way...

"Your New Video Marketing Agency Website Comes Pre-loaded with Premium Content Including Your Video Bold Collection..."

Once you setup your new website (takes just minutes) you will have everything you need to start selling Macro Films, Video Clips or Any other service you sell.

Clients can even browse your collection, select the video they want, order it directly from the website...and you keep 100% of the profit!

Not only that but if you choose to customize your new website it's super simple to edit all of the key elements you need.

The best part is you don't need to mess with anything, we've got it all set up for you to save you the time from the get go.

Forget about the headaches that come with trying to get a professional web presence up and running...we've got you covered with this done-for-you solution!

Check out just a few of the Amazing Features Your New Agency Website Comes with Out of the Box...

To make it as easy as possible for you to hit the ground running we built this powerful theme from the ground up with our Video Bold Tribe in mind.

It's super simple to set up and comes pre-loaded with all the content you need to start selling these videos immediately. You'll look like a full blown professional agency within minutes...

Professional Look out of the Box

There's no need to stress about setting up this site because it comes ready out of the box for you to roll out and start selling videos.

Unlike most themes or website builders our done-for-you site comes pre-populated with all the elements you need for that professional look.

Users can even start the buying process right from our carefully crafted home page which features the services you sell!

Designed to Sell from the Start

We take all the hard work out of selling your "storyline" videos to businesses by setting you up right from the start.

Users can view your services, browse your collections and make purchases right from the website...within just minutes of setup.

You can either sell the videos you just purchased or add any service you get complete control.

Built in Checkout System

No need to go installing plugins or paying expensive fees for merchant accounts. Checkout is part of the process and we've got you covered.

You can easily control the pricing and delivery sections, even change the names of any products you have in the system.

This feature saves you tons of time and headaches with trying to take payments, no you can do it right from your new Agency Website!

Pre-loaded Video Playlist Engine

Potential clients will be blown away when the see the stunning collection you have of "Storyline Macro Films" they will be dying to work with you!

You can make it as easy as letting them browse through the collection using our "VBE" Playlist feature and they can simply choose the video they want....then order it.

From there you simply have to make some small changes to the video using your new editor and deliver the couldn't be easier!

version 2
Prewritten FAQ for Video Marketers

Many Agency websites fail to adequately sell their customer or address their concerns which kills conversions and sales.

With your New Professional Video Marketing Agency site you get intelligently crafted, pre-written FAQ's designed to close sales.

You can easily edit this FAQ section to match what you offer or simply leave it as is...we designed it to save you time!

Pre-loaded Professional Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to pre-sell potential clients on the services you offer such as video marketing but are time consuming to create!

We hired a professional writer to craft a total of seven different blog posts that you can use as you like...clients love these!

No need to go out and pay for blog posts or struggling to write them yourself...they are immediately ready to go in your new website.

...just to name a few!
Plus We've Included Some Additional Bonuses When you Pickup The Agency Extension Today...
Bonus #1 - Local Lead Drop
($97 Value)

Our Local Lead Drop system is an in depth training on one of our best lead gen methods we've ever used. We show you a method that gets high ticket leads dropping into your inbox, actively looking to buy!

We break down our entire system for getting these leads coming into your inbox TODAY and how to close them at 40% consistently. Plus you get our Rapid Fire Templates which are a key component to converting these leads.

This course normally sells for $97 on it's own and even that is a great deal. If you land just one client it pays for itself 10x over but we are actually including this entire course for FREE when you pick up The Agency Dominator Extension today.

Bonus #2 - Digital Client Mastermind
($97 Value)

We won't just hand you this theme and send you off on your own. You'll get to join our private mastermind group with like minded Local Marketers just like you!

You'll be able to network with others, get feedback on your business or anything related to landing clients and share your success stories! This is great group and we look forward to having you join us!

By combining the Agency Dominator Extension (Professional DFY Website) with the Video Bold Collection you will have a complete ready to go business in just minutes!

Not only that but you'll even learn how to drive traffic, leads and sales to your new website using the Videos you just purchased!

Plus you can get access to this Beautiful Done-for-You selling machine for a MASSIVE DISCOUNT right now. Take advantage before the price increases...

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Videobold 2.0 Agency Reseller Site

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