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"These Big Brand Style Videos are So Compelling they Literally Sell Themselves..."
While most video marketers are out there using old used up styles of videos big brands are killing it with "Storyline Style". These videos blow other styles out of the water when it comes to engagement which we all know is the key to making sales with video.

For years we've seen people get behind a good story, fall in love with a character and ultimately connect with a brand because of it.

Big brands understand this and have been taking advantage with their big budgets to create "movie like" ads that draw the user in.

Well now YOU can compete with these big brands for pennies on the dollar and sell these Macro film style ads to local businesses for up to $1500 a pop!

Think that's a stretch? Just take a look at any of the big video story producers and you'll see that the bar has already been set sky high!

Once they see the amazing quality you can offer, selling these videos to local businesses for top will feel more like taking an order!

See Demo Below
Our Collection of 200 "Macro Films" Work Seamlessly with...
Easily Customize these Videos for All Your Marketing Needs...
  • Affiliate Marketing Promos
  • YouTube Marketing
  • CPA Marketing
  • Local Businesses
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Amazon Promotions
  • Information Products
  • Software Sales
  • Physical Products
  • The list goes on!
The BEST Part is these HIGHLY Engaging Storyline Videos Convert like CRAZY..."

This screenshot is just an example of the massive interest, engagement, leads and sales you can drive with "storyline" videos!

These unique Macro films convert so well because they draw the user in and connect them to the brand through the use of stories.

We've been running ads for years now and when we figured out the "macro film style" our clients ads took OFF! Just look at these stats!

Imagine how blown away your clients would be to see stats like these in your report back to them...exactly, they would be dying to tell people about you!

With the VideoBold collection you can blow up your clients channels like this too! Plus charge them top dollar for minutes of work...

"Creating Videos that Engage Viewers, Attract Leads and Convert Sales has Never Been So Easy..."

Justin Sardi here on behalf of myself and my partner James Okeke...

We'll be the first ones to admit it wasn't always this easy to create amazing videos for ourselves and our clients u00a0

James and I been doing video marketing for years now and we started out just like you, struggling to create the videos we needed.u00a0

Justin Sardi
James Okeke

It's no secret that YouTube and Video Marketing in general has absolutely exploded in popularity over the last several years.

With Billions of video being uploaded daily, the advertising and marketing opportunities for businesses on YouTube has never been so wide open.

James and I saw this explosion beginning to take place back in 2014 and that's we shifted our focus entirely to video marketing.

When we first got started it was HARD to make money with video.

For one creating videos was a Huge Pain! Not only were they extremely time consuming and expensive they weren't even that great!

While we were running ads to some degree of success for ourselves and our clients it was still a really tough sell and we knew there was a better way.

After extensive research of what was working for the big brands out there we discovered these "macro films" were killing it on YouTube and TV.

That's when it really clicked for us...

"Storyline Videos Convert WAY Better because they Get the Viewer Engaged with the Brands Content..."
Once we started using these story style ads to create video advertisements for ourselves and our clients our conversions went through the ROOF! We knew we were on to something...
  • Perfect for content.
  • Perfect for advertisements.
  • Perfect for Lead Generation.
  • Perfect to create your own video business.

When we realized how potent these videos are we began to see the possibilities are almost endless!

You can use these videos to create more engaging content that stands out across blogs and social media...

The work FANTASTIC for running video ads. With these "macro films" your conversions will skyrocket!!

The "secret sauce" to these storyline videos is the way they draw the user in and get them to connect with the characters .

I'm sure by now you've seen plenty of boring ads that you instantly skip or tune out...everybody hates videos like those!

Times have changed my friend, the market has shifted and it's up to YOU to adapt...and it's really pretty simple.

All you have to do, is give people what they actually want!

Why show them ads that you KNOW a huge percentage won't blink an eye at when you can CAPTIVATE them using simple storylines!

u00a0"When you Create Videos that People Actually Want to Watch Engagement Goes through the Roof..."

We all know that engagement is the key to turning your videos into leads, traffic and sales which is why it's such a critical element to your success!

By using these storyline style videos in your advertisements, sales videos and landing page videos your traffic will convert WAY better than regular old ads.

Not only can you get dirt cheap traffic but like we've mentioned you can sell these types of videos for top dollar to local clients.

The going rate for videos like these start at $1500 and up! Can you imagine what it would be like to sell these videos like hot cakes at those prices. What if it was pure profit?

Just imagine what a handful of video sales would do for your life...and your business.

If you just sold one video a week that's an extra $6k in income monthly!

Then what if you upsold those clients into monthly marketing on YouTube for $1k a month and say...half took up up on it.

That's a total of $9k from just selling four videos that literally sell themselves! Rinse and repeat that for three months...you can do the math from there I'm sure.

"It's EASY to Turn these Macro Films into an Dirt Cheap Traffic Driving, Income Pumping Machine..."

Ok Guys, this sounds great but how do I actually make that happen?

Look we get it, when it comes to making these types of videos there is a lot involved...which keeps most people from even trying.

There is a lot to figure out from scripting to storyboards audio, video clips, voice overs, overlays I meant the list goes on...

So what are Your Options?

Well...you could either buy all the components of the video yourself including editing software and learn how to create these videos.

Not only is that extremely time consuming but it also gets expensive quickly which ultimately cuts into YOUR profits. I mean just check out what you can expect to pay for one decent clip of stock footage...

Your other option (until now) would be to pay an expensive video creator to make these videos for you but again this cuts into your profits!

We want you to be able to take advantage of this amazing trend in video marketing with having to deal without any of those headaches other marketers face.

That's why we created a solution that would allow you to create and sell these videos over and over for one low cost.

Do you think you could kill it with "storyline" videos if you could create them in minutes and customize them for almost any niche you could think of? We know you can...

The VideoBoldu00a0 Macro Story Film Collection!..."

Check out a few Examples from Our Collection of 200 Premium Macro Films!

Select a Category and the Play Any Video You Like...

With this Exclusive Offer you Get Full Developer Rights!

...plus you get access to OVER 200 "Storyline" Videos for Pennies on the Dollar!

Stunning Style Makes You Stand Out

Sell Videos for Top Dollar to Clients

Convert Like Crazy with Compelling Videos

Unlimited Usage to Profit Over and OVer
That's right, with this exclusive offer you get complete developer rights as a bonus (details below)...Plus you get access to OVER 200 Premium Macro Films! You can sell these videos for top dollar, use them to drive tons of cheap traffic or anything you can think of with unlimited usage!
How it Works - 4 Simple Steps...

Take Advantage of this Exclusive Launch Special to get our Grandfather pricing and access to the collection for pennies on the dollar!

Once you create your account you'll have instant access to the entire collection and start downloading any videos you would like to use!

Then simply upload the video into your favorite editor (or use the one we provided for you) to customize and publish your video!

From there you can use these videos to run high converting Video Ads (see bonuses below), convert buyers, close local clients or sell the videos directly to them for an easy $1500 and up! It's that simple!

Exactly What You'll Get When You Buy Today...
Over 200 u201cstorylineu201d videos

WIth Videobold You get Over 200 Videos to choose from in a WIDE VARIETY of Niches. You can even sell multiple videos to the same clients or offer a recurring model for new videos regularly.
20 different editorial styles

There are all types of "styles" you can choose from in addition to the variety of niches. Pick the style that works for you and easily customize to match almost any niche you can think of!
Ready to Go "Out of the Box"

We crafted these "storyline" videos specifically with generic voice overs so that you can easily use them right out of the box! Just simply add your clients info to the video and your done, it's that simple!
Easy to Customize

If you would like to customize these you can do anything you need to from adding or removing the voice tracks, text overlays and more. Plus they are compatible with all the popular video editors If don't own one of those, we've got you covered with an exclusive bonus editor!
See below...
***Exclusive Launch Bonus***
Customize Your Videos in Minutes with Our Bonus Editor!
Itu2019s never been easier to make videos. Just choose the clips you want to use. Insert titles, add effects, and create a high quality video with powerful tools that are as easy as drag and drop. The new interface features improved control and readability on all monitors.
From beginners to super advanced video editing. This editor has you covered. Trim, cut, split, merge, rotate and mix videos with ease. Select from tons of innovative video effects and transitions. Insert audio, text comments and subtitles and lots more.
You no longer have to worry about overpriced video editors that make you jump through hoops to buy and use. With this editor there are no unrealistic video production limitations. No royalties to pay and no per video creation fees. Itu2019s all covered.

We've included everything you need to be successful with the VideoBold Premium Collection including your very own Video Editor!

You get unlimited access to our entire collection of videos for 12 months and can sell these videos over and over!

Not only that but you can use them to create sales videos, advertisements even create content with them...it's completely up to YOU!

To get just one video created like this it would cost you WAY more than what you can get this package for today.

This complete package gives you everything you need to dominate the video market starting with OVER 200 FRESH 'Macro Film Style' videos to use as you please!

We could easily sell this collection for $297 and it would be a STEAL!

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Plus We've Included Some Killer Bonuses To Give you a Massive Advantage...
In addition to giving you access to this amazing collection of macro films at a FRACTION of what the would cost you to create...we've also included several bonuses to give you a massive advantage when it comes turning these videos into serious profits! Here's what you get...
Bonus #2 - Live Training "Adwords for Video for Clients"($497 Value)

Once you get these leads you are going to want to sell them high end monthly marketing services and YouTube Ads is the HOTTEST SERVICE you can offer right now.

On the Live call you willu00a0 learn everything from prospecting, setting up the campaigns with Geo-targeting, pricing and delivering the service to the client.

You'll even get to a look at some behind the scenes case studies of exactly how I've used this system to blow up my clients YouTube Channels!

Bonus #3 - YouTube Channel Art Creator ($97 Value)

To help you quickly create a professional presence on YouTube I've included my online channel art creation software!

This software is super simple to use and creates stunning graphics in just a few simple steps!

All of the designs are mobile responsive and are 100% optimized for YouTube plus you get the developers license to boot!

You'll save a ton on Designers and give you or your clients brand a professional look with this easy to use tool!

And Now for the Icing on the Cake We've Included TWO More Bonuses you are going to love...
Bonus #4 -VideoBold Developer License ($497 Value)

During this launch youu2019ll get a full u201cdeveloperu201d license for all of the videos. No limitations on the number of clients you use it for.

No restrictions on the number of views. No limitations on the places or applications you use them for. Use these videos over and over at no additional cost!

This Grandfather special gives you 12 months access to the collection which you can download immediately or whenever you need to!

Final Bonus -Robert Dickson's Offline Marketing Lab ($497 Value)

To give you one final advantage we convinced our good Friend and Local Marketing Expert Robert Dickson to include his killer offline training.

In this training Robert shows you everything from getting your agency set up to building your network, several killer lead generation methods and clever outsourcing tactics.

He even shows you his "secret weapon" which you can actually use the videos in this collection to deploy!

Robert breaks down everything you need to build a consistent Six Figure income selling services to local businesses.

By combining our complete bonus package and training series with the VideoBold Collection you will have a massive advantage over other video marketers.

You'll be able to drive dirt cheap traffic using Video Ads and "storyline" videos (as low as .01 cents per view)...

Plus you'll be able to create beautiful channels, create amazing videos using the custom editor and then sell those videos for top dollars to clients!

This complete package gives you everything you need to dominate the video market starting with OVER 200 FRESH 'Macro Film Style' videos to use as you please!

To get just one video created like this it would cost you WAY more than what you can get this package for today.

We could easily sell this collection for $297 and it would be a STEAL!

For a limited time during our grand opening launch we are allowing you to get instant access for just a FRACTION of that...

Get Instant Access to the Video Bold Collection of Over 200 Macro Films for just...

VideoBold Template Service

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See you on the inside!

Justin Sardi

James Okeke

Our Premium Macro Film Collection is Backed by our Rock Solid, no Questions Asked 30 Day Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with these Stunning Videos for Any Reason Simply Send Us an email and we will promptly refund your purchase.
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